Collaborative Projects

Flat Classroom Project-  Our class participated with other classes throughout the world to learn about the cultures and everyday life of other students.  Throughout this time students were assigned teams that were combined with other other schools and shared information about food, housing, celebrations, school, transportation, environment, language, clothing, and leisure time.  Students used a variety of tools such as Skype, Voicethread, Slideshare, Animoto and Edmodo to foster collaborations among classes.


World Read Aloud Day–  Students had the opportunity  in the morning to interact via Skype with Bill Boyd, an author from Scotland, while he read excerpts from Treasure Island.  In the afternoon, Richard Newsome, an author from Australia, shared one of his novels with the class via Skype,while also sharing the writing process that an author experiences.


Mystery Skype–  Students learned about the geography of the United States from other students in various states.  We participated in several Mystery Skypes.  Mystery Skype is a skype call between two classes that share clues about their location.  At the end of the call, each class uses their geography skills to see if they can solve the mystery! It is a powerful collaborative learning experience that is engaging for all students.


Content Collaborations through Edmodo–    Our classroom has had the opportunity connect, create, and collaborate with many classrooms in the United States through Edmodo.  We participated in a Science Discoveries Group with a classroom in Ohio where we shared  projects and discussion about our science content in the classroom.  We also participated in a Technology Skills group with a few classes in Nebraska where we shared projects that we created using web 2.0 tools.  Mystery Skype projects also led to connections in Edmodo with classes in Louisiana, California,  and Alabama to extend conversations about the geography of our states.  This upcoming year, we look forward to sharing discussions, projects, and more through the Global Read Aloud Project!

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