Summer 2011  Summer Cohort

2011 Summer MAET Cohort

CEP 810  Teaching for Understanding with Technology  Instructors: J. Spicer, A. Keller
This course is designed to share fundamentals on improving teaching through the use of technology.

CEP 811 Adapting Innovative Technologies in Education  Instructors: J. Spicer, A. Keller
In this course,  students will learn about application methods toward approaching educational problems.  Instructional web pages, blogs, as well professional resources are created to effectively implement technology into education.

CEP 812 Applying Educational Technology to Issues of Practice  Instructors: J. Spicer, A. Keller
This course defines, implements, and evaluates solutions that are technology based to solve educational problems in school settings.  Coursework assignments include a SIG presentation, personal technology plan, and a project that addresses a particular problem in the student’s educational area.

Fall 2011  Online

CEP 820  Teaching K12 Students Online    Instructors: M. Hagerman, S. Beauchamp-Hicks
This courses discusses and evaluates online learning management systems, and the effective uses and applications to incorporate a online/blended learning environment.  A course is created to demonstrated understanding of these applications and methodologies of online learning environments.

CEP 818 Creativity in Teaching and Learning  Instructors: P. Mishra,
This course explores several elements that are essential in demonstrating creativity in teaching and learning.   Students will demonstrate each of these elements in their particular content area.

Summer 2012  Summer Cohort

CEP 800 Learning in School and Other Settings  Instructors:  P. Mishra, D. Goodrich, L. Terry
In this course, psychological perspectives of learning are explored, and connections are made to the student’s learning experience.  Comparing learning in a variety of settings is essential to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for learning.

CEP 815  Technology and Leadership  Instructors:  P. Mishra, D. Goodrich, L. Terry
Relationships between technology, teaching and learning are examined in this course.  Strategies for professional development, project management and evaluation, as well as the social and ethical uses of technology integration are explored.

CEP 822 Approaches to Educational Leadership   Instructors:  P. Mishra, D. Goodrich, L. Terry
This courses focuses on identifying researchable problems in education and formulating a research proposal to provide potential solutions.

Fall 2012 Online

CEP 807  Capstone Portfolio Course  Instructors :M. Koehler,  A. Zellner,  J. Rosenberg
In this course, students build an online portfolio that highlights their skills and the work that they have accomplished throughout the MAET program.

TE 846  Accommodating Differences in Literacy Learners  Instructor: G. Li
This course examines developmental processes, practices and assessments that will provide effective learning in reading and writing in the classroom.

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