Summer 2012

CEP 800: Learning in school and other settings

Learning as active, socially-mediated construction of knowledge in school, home, community, and work settings. What is learned, how it is taught and learned, and what learners bring to the setting.

CEP 815: Technology & Leadership

Professional development strategies. Project management, planning and evaluation. Relationship building. Ethical and social implications of technology integration.

CEP 822: Approaches to Ed Research

Alternative methods of educational research. Identifying researchable problems in education and developing a research proposal. Applications of descriptive and inferential statistics for analyzing and critiquing published studies.

Just Shoot Me On the very first day we were asked to take creative pictures that share something about ourselves.


Group Introduction– We spent a lot of our time during our summer classes working closely with a group to examine theories and the implications of educational technology. I particularly worked with a group , 2Convenient.


Physics Ball Experiment-  This group video project examined the physics of ball dropping.


Behaviorism-   Our group examined the concept of extinction and chaining in educational games.

Why Student’s Don’t Like School By Willingam  Chapters 1&2 Concept Map

Technology Integration of Chapters 1 &2

Demotivational Posters-
  Our group created several demotivational posters on the topics of confidence, pleasure, morale, leadership, and purpose.


Tensions in Educational Leadership- -This picture represents the idea of organized versus chaos. This picture was accomplished by taking three still shots and layering them to present the idea of three people in one picture.


Understanding Understanding Assignment–  Our group wanted to investigate people’s understanding and misconceptions as to how rainbows our formed.  After interviewing 18 people, we created this video to share their responses.  To find out more about the investigation, a website was created at


Creativity Poem– Created by 2Convenient-  This poem represents the concept of N.E.W.(novel, effective, and whole)

Janky a bent fork
More unique than a snowflake
Can’t eat a salad


Web 2.0 Tools Wiki–  This wiki shares creativity web 2.0 tools that you can implement into your classroom.

Alphabits–  As a group, we were to find the letter y naturally in the world around us.
All the groups together formed the word
Exploring Key Topics in Technology and Education A website was designed for teachers to implement informational literacy and technology skills in students.  This site is filled with  grade level resources for a teacher to implement these skills in the classroom.
iImages–  These posters share an idea that can be represented in four different ways.
Dream It Proposal–  This project shares how I plan to enhance students’ use of details in writing.

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